Combine Newsletter - October 2023

September's Guitar of the Month Winner!

Guitar of the Month Winner September 2023

We’re pleased to announce that Rod H. is the latest winner of our Guitar of the Month contest! This stunning ocean themed guitar is built using Combine's Multiscale 6-String DIY Guitar Kit. Here is his story:

"I have had an acoustic guitar for a while, and thought it was time to explore electric guitar as well. I have been intrigued by headless guitars and needed a project. When I came across the Combine web site, all the elements aligned.

Art is often influenced by the context in which it is produced. I live in Hawaii and the sea is therefore a common subject. The bands in this headless guitar kit’s maple veneer made me think of waves on the water and the stripes that give the tiger shark its name. Sharks are also symbols of power, which seems appropriate for an electric guitar style often used for metal. The final design was inspired by photographs I have seen of tiger sharks in shallow water with blue above and a sandy bottom below.

To finish the kit, I sanded everything (body, neck, fretboard) to 600 grit. I applied a coat of blue Keda dye dissolved in water to the upper part of the body. Then I lightly sanded it back with 600 grit to lighten the blue in the bands where less was absorbed, which helps increase the contrast. Then I applied another coat of blue dye, extending it further past the pickups. Both coats used a wash technique. I applied dark dye at the top with one cotton rag and pure water at the bottom with a second rag. A third rag and cup of water was used to mix the two. I wanted there to be only a light color where the shark would be and no color at the sandy bottom. If you wet only part of the wood, even dilute dye will leave a hard line at its edge when it dries. Wetting the entire top surface enables the dye to gradually transition without that edge.

I burned the shark into the wood with a soldering iron and tried to get the lines deep enough that they would help hold the gray dye I used for the image. That part was not perfect: some dye leaked out in the area of the dorsal fin but fortunately it is harder to see due to the blue background. I finished the body with 10 coats of Tru-Oil (boiled linseed oil + varnish), sanding lightly between coats with 1000 grit where any rough spots emerged. When done, it got a coat of wax for good measure. The back of the neck got 4 coats of Tru-Oil and the fretboard 4 applications of lemon oil.

It may never be “done”, as I am always tweaking, but I have a beautiful, playable guitar thanks to this Combine Guitar kit.
" - Rod H.

Rod's win has earned him up to 50% off the base price of his next DIY Guitar Kit, and his build has been shared on our website and social media!

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Guitar of the Month Winner September 2023

Guitar of the Month Winner September 2023


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